Tristan Arcade Kanes: Born with the blood of a dragon, he has a ferocious spirit and is not easy to tame. At his coming of age ceremony, he was marked with this tattoo:



Dragon Tattoo copy



Artwork: M.A.Sambre: http://sambre-sambre.deviantart.com/

Markaytian Warlords are marked with this tattoo at their naming ceremony, if they prove worthy. There are two requirements:

1) Must be born with the blood of a Dragon and therefore must come from the Kanes bloodline.

2) Must earn the title by deed, spirit and heart.

Tristan worked hard to prove that he is Markaytia’s next, true Warlord, but now he has been betrothed to the Elven Prince of Mortouge. He’s a little pissed about it to say the least, but his duty to his people trumps his personal wishes. He has to get a new destiny, but at least he’s already got the cool tattoo that shows what’s in his heart and what’s in his blood. Read the full story in Tristan. Buy Now!

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