S. Legend

S is a crazy Canadian woman from Vancouver. She would like to tell you that when she graduated University, she made off with a fancy English degree and is actually qualified to write these stories for you, but that would be a lie—instead she made off with a science degree and was left wondering just what the hell she was going to do with it. Sure she had to write a kabillion essays, but no stories, not even short ones, nada—just a bunch of boring ‘sciencey’ stuff. Story telling is one of the few natural talents she possesses, or more likely, it’s because she’s been an avid reader since the age of four—she used to read Green Eggs and Ham to her mom and she’d read every single Babysitter’s Club by the time she was eight. And she can’t possibly credit University for her charming characters, oh no, the characters are people who live in her head and won’t be quiet. She’s had stories in her head for as far back as she can remember; even when she’d babysit her cousins and little brother and read them stories before bed, she’d read the story ‘properly’ only once, but had more fun thinking up several other possibilities for the story. Often she would daydream about other author’s characters as well as her own original characters, but she only began writing them down when she found FanFiction and saw there were other people doing what she did daily. She thought “hey! I already do that!” So she put pen to paper and produced her first work—still unpublished. But let’s answer the real question you wanna know: When did S begin writing S-E-X? The trigger ignited when she read a scene in a book which she will not name for fear the author will kill her as it was not intended to be sexual, but it was dark and sexy to her and she couldn’t get it out of her head. She looked for more content like the scene she’d read and began reading and reading and reading, until her own characters came along. It just so happened, her characters are usually men, so she writes mostly M/M, and besides it’s awesome. S wants to bring back writing as an art and return to a time when everything didn’t have to be so ‘proper’ and one could still hear the voice of the character instead of the editor—when you could still get lost in a book. Can’t you hear her talking to you right now? Or did this sound like every other one of those boring Author bios? If it did, lame, and she apologizes for that. That’s what writing is to S, she won’t spend a lot of time telling you about every crag in a rock, but she’ll make sure you know her characters are real people. Sometimes they even are… With a little embellishment. A good author always knows how to embellish.

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