Welcome to Slegend Fiction;  home of the works of S.Legend. S writes fantasy, sci-fi and romance; add the word slash in front of all those, ’cause those seem to be the only ‘ships her muse tends to remain engaged with. Seriously, all the M/F she tries to coerce her characters into, die slow and painful deaths and she doesn’t know why, so just go with it. She claims complete innocence as all the characters that live in her head tell her what to write; they take over, she’s barely herself most days.

Message from S:

I am excited to bring you my first SLegend Fiction Publication: Tristan. Tristan is a slash romance in a fantasy setting, with elements of domestic discipline. If you like erotic elves, cool swords, and sexy Warlords, this is for you. The Top/Brat, Dom/Sub mentalities are carefully intertwined and respectfully portrayed, while at the same time taking a few liberties (It is fantasy after all). The cover art  can be viewed in full on the Tristan Facebook Page (Click Below). Like our page and PM us on facebook and Tristan will send you a message! Alternatively, drop me a line here, would love to get to know you!


Cover Artist: M.A.Sambre

tristan_cover_title copy

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